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Client Testimonials

Over the past two years attorney Don Palermo represented me in a personal injury case related to a motor vehicle accident. The accident occurred out-of-state from where I reside and was additionally complicated from the stand-point that my own motor vehicle insurance company was highly uncooperative with me from the start.

I found Don to be extremely accessible at all times to answer my many questions - he always responded immediately and was very informative and patient with me. He never passed me off to an assistant and I always felt that he had my best interests in mind. Don always explained things in an easy-to-understand way.

Don fought the insurance companies very hard. He achieved a settlement in excess of my expectations and though it was more work for him he very successfully negotiated down the repayment of healthcare expenses that would normally have reduced my award significantly. This meant a much better settlement for me in the end.

Don also greatly helped me prepare for an intense deposition that was required by the defendant's insurance company and with his guidance I did well. I attribute this more to Don's experience than my own skills.

I am happy to recommend Don as an attorney - he is honest, hardworking, has a great deal of experience to draw from, and most of all fights hard to get his clients the best outcome possible

David Townson

I am writing to thank Don for favorably resolving my automobile accident case. He is the consummate professional.

Robert J. McMonagle

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